Enjoy our blog posts to learn more about who we are, what we have to offer, and some of the excursions you have to choose from while you are here.

Get to Know Us!

Learn more about how this business came to be and who your hosts are.

10 Things to Know Before Your Trip

We want to make sure you only have good surprises on your vacation! Read these 10 quick tips to ensure you have a great trip.

Tropical Fruits of El Salvador

Even in the tropics, the fruits still have seasons. Learn about some of the tropical fruits that are available here in this video.

The Local Fish Market

We only make our meals with fresh, local ingredients so we love going to the fish market 20 minutes away to get the catch of the day.

Our first guests: Iguanas!

We thought we would share this funny video of how we relocated the resident iguanas off of our property when renovations began!