A retreat is the perfect way to change your stay with us into a more memorable and transformational experience. These are our three signature retreat programs you can take advantage of while you are here on our property. We are happy to customize a retreat based on exactly what you are looking for too!

    Time for Adventure

    El Salvador is the hidden gem of Central America that has A LOT to offer in a country the size of Massachusetts. Join us as we hike up volcanoes and down to waterfalls, relax on the beach and even take a surf lesson if you want!

    We will start your retreat at our beachfront property and give you a day to soak up the sun and relax to help you restore from your journey here. Enjoy a Thai Yoga Massage or a restorative stretching class to help you settle in.

    Then we will head into the city of San Salvador for a full day of excursions. Visit the crater of El Boqueron, go for a stroll through the botanical gardens, climb up El Puerto del Diablo to see a true vista of the entire country from Guatemala to Honduras to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy dinner overlooking the city of San Salvador as the sunsets.

    On our next day together we will take you on an afternoon hike down to the Tamanique Waterfalls and a sunset journey through some of the popular surf towns of El Zonte and El Tunco with dinner on the ocean.

    The following day we will make our way up into the rainforest and volcanoes of Apaneca to visit more amazing waterfalls, take a tour of a coffee farm, and visit an adventure park with ziplining, labyrinths, and more.

    We will be spending the night up in the mountains and will hike up Santa Ana volcano in the morning with beautiful views of Izalco at the top. There are many beautiful artisan markets in the area to explore and the food has a very strong Mayan influence here.​

    Then we will be heading back to the beach house to rest and restore for a day before you take off to head back home! If you would like to extend your trip and stay a little longer, that is an option too if we have availability.

    To enjoy the full retreat you will need to stay for 6-7 days. To sign up for this package, choose the dates you want to come, pick the room you want to stay in, and then add the El Salvador Adventure Retreat under extras! The total cost for all of these excursions for the week is $950 per person. This includes your meals, transportation, guided tours, and excursions.

    Time to Reset

    These days many people are feeling burned out on not only a physical level but a spiritual one too. The exhaustion goes deeper than just needing some more sleep. This retreat will help you replenish and restore so you go home feeling refreshed, centered, and energized. Although the retreat itself will be extremely beneficial, Hilery always wants to help you implement these same tools right at home too. Throughout the retreat, you will be learning how to implement these healthy, uplifting habits more often in your own lifestyle.

    Each day begins with a meditational beach walk that will start your day with meaningful silence, connecting your mind, body, and spirit with nature. You will learn different elements that can make a healthy morning routine to start your day with self-care and "filling your own cup" before you start pouring your energy into the world.

    We will be following a plant-based diet that will help you restore your energy levels, improve your immunity, and decrease inflammation throughout your body. You will be amazed at how delicious and satiating plant-based recipes can be and understand how to tailor eating healthy to your unique body. You will also have a recipe book to bring home with you to keep your healthy habits going long after the retreat is over.

    There is abundant free time each morning to spend your time doing what YOU enjoy. Relax by the pool, ocean, or swing in a hammock. Read a book or spend time journaling. Get to know the other guests. Add on a massage or private coaching session and you can schedule these sessions during your morning free time.

    Lunch will be combined with a workshop. Our retreats are always personalized so we wait until the group has signed up to determine what people are looking to dive deeper into and learn more about. Our lunchtime workshops will be personalized to YOU! Let us know your questions or struggle areas when it comes to health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

    In the afternoon we have a special creative hour. We are naturally creative beings but that side of us is often suppressed out of fear of judgment or not being good enough. Each day includes a different art project or you can create your own if you want to bring anything from home you have always wanted to try. We like to use the natural materials we find on the beach and figure out ways to make trash into treasure. Unleashing your creative side is good for the soul and will help you connect to a different side of yourself.

    We always love to watch the sunset on the beach to end the day with gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful day. It's a great way to wind down the day and then it will be time for dinner!

    Once we have had a little time to chat and allow dinner to digest, we end each day with a restorative, beginner-friendly, yoga class. The relaxing stretches and guided relaxation will help you sleep soundly and reduce your stress levels on a whole different level.

    By the end of your stay, you will feel like a completely different person! You will be more connected with your true self, and relaxed yet energized. We do recommend staying for at least three nights for this program but you can add it onto any stay on our property.

    Each day follows a similar schedule.

    6:30-7:00 am Morning Meditational Walk on the Beach
    7:00-8:00 am Breakfast
    8:00-12:00 pm Free Time
    12:00-1:30 pm Midday Workshop & Lunch
    1:30-3:00 pm Free Time
    3:00-4:00 pm Afternoon Creative Hour
    5:00-6:00 pm Sunset Hour
    6:00-7:00 pm Dinner
    7:30-8:30 pm Restorative Yoga & Guided Relaxation

    If you would like to plan any excursions while you are here, let us know and we can help arrange it. To sign up for this program just pick the dates you would like to come, choose the room you want to stay in, and add the Time to Reset under extras. We have this as a daily add on so simply choose the amount of days you would like to follow this program for. The cost is $175/day and that includes your meals too.

    Time to Heal

    We live in a culture the glorifies business and escapism. The result is that many of us have suppressed our wounds and grief in order to get back to work and instead of dealing with our issues when we do have free time, we look for distractions and end up binging on Netflix or scrolling on social media. The result of this tends to be feeling a little broken inside. Sometimes it can result in autoimmune disorders and health issues, sometimes it shows up as being easily triggered into an emotional state, sometimes it can make us suffer from anxiety, depression, or addiction.

    We all need to take the time and space to heal our past. If we continue to let this old wounds fester then it only blocks our true happiness and joy in the present and future. Most people don't realize how much their past impacts their future. If you are ready to work on healing your wounds, come join Hilery for a transformational healing retreat.

    This retreat program is highly customized based on what you need so there aren't many specifics to share. You will have downtime to enjoy the beach, relax by the pool, and do the things you enjoy. You will also have spiritual life coaching sessions, learn breathwork practices, take part in guided meditations and relaxation, and have some energy healing sessions through the use of Thai massage and aromatherapy. The menu will be made upon your preferences but if you would like to do a cleanse or plant based program as part of this experience, we are happy to facilitate that too.

    We recommend staying for a full week for this program but you could also stay for a long weekend and do some follow up sessions with Hilery online to help continue the journey. To sign up, pick the dates you want to come, the room you want to stay in, and then on the extras page add on Time to Heal. This is a per day package so choose the amount of days you would like to do it for. We set it up this way in case you want to go on some excursions on certain days and follow this program for some too. The cost is $300 per day and that includes your meals, life coaching, breathing & meditation practices, and massage..