We have a variety of services you can add on to your accommodations. Some of these come bundled up in our retreat programs too, don't forget to check out the retreat page before you book. 

Yoga or Fitness Class

$25 per person

Join Hilery on the yoga platform for yoga or fitness class tailored to your needs. Let her know your injuries, tight spots, and goals and she will create a special class for you. We also offer exercise classes in the pool if that would be ideal.

Personal Training

$100 for one, $150 for two

Would you like to get a personal training session with an expert? Hilery has 55 certifications that she puts to work to create an ideal plan for you. She has worked with people of all ages up to 104! Maybe you need a stretching routine to take home with you or a workout that would set you up for success if done consistently. We can record our session on video so you can keep doing it right at home.

Thai Yoga Massage

$100 for 75 minutes

This type of massage is often referred to as Lazy Man's Yoga! Join Hilery on the mat to get stretched out and massaged at every angle possible. This will bring your whole body into balance and relieve muscular pain and tension on an entirely different level.

Full Meal Plan

$30 per person, per day

Consider Roberto your personal chef! Let us know any allergies, diet restrictions, and what you really love to eat and we will make all your meals for you. There is a fresh fish market only 20 minutes away and fresh fruits and veggies are delivered here by a local farmer daily. 

Restorative Package

$200 per person

Take time to recharge your batteries with a restorative yoga class, guided relaxation, 60-minute massage, and a life coaching session to help you find balance and prioritize self-care at home too.